How It Works

So, What Do We Actually Do?

We supply customers with everything they need for the festival.

Stuff that helps you have a good festival experience because you are organised and it makes you able to go do more fun things rather than waste time setting up tents, or waiting at the bar for a drink, or waiting in queues for food.

We shop for your festival so you do not have to.

We save you time.

We save you money.

We give you convenience

We give you freedom

We give you more festival

Before FestEasy and the Festival

Step 1: Decide which festival you will attend

Step 2: Buy festival ticket 

With FestEasy but Before the Festival

Step 3: Consider all things needed for the festival you are attending, based on:

  • How many days in attendance?
  • How many people you are going with?
  • Are there bodies of water to swim or float?
  • How many meals will you eat a day?
  • How much alcohol do you personally drink when you party?

Step 4: Go to

Step 5: Add all the items to your FestEasy shopping cart from your considerations.

Step 6: Checkout and chill until your festival

With Festeasy and Just before you leave to the Festival

Step 7a: FestEasy will deliver your customised package before you leave to the

Step 7b: Collect your packages at the doors of the festival as you arrive (this is currently applicable to Vortex Parallel Universe) 

After FestEasy and Arriving to the Festival

Step 8: Enjoy your festival without the hassle of organising it