About us

We get rid of the hassle, we get rid of the baggage. We give you a longer stride and a spring in your step. A lighter footprint.
We provide customised packages to every reggae reveller, staunch ou, stomp-o-maniac, hedonic hippie and the average joe. It's simple, it's fast, its easy.
We will be at your door to greet you with your package, helping you have a smooth beginning prompted by warm smiles and cold booze. From there, go forth and experience! Live, love, laugh, relish and savour the delight until at the end of the day, we wave you goodbye with a tear in our eye until your next adventure with us.
Pulling it all together we give you a festival. Not just any festival, an awesomer festival. We don’t let you waste any time away from a valued experience.
Get fest-a-licious every second with FestEasy.

So, What Do We Actually Do?

We supply customers with everything they need for the festival.

Stuff that helps you have a good festival experience because you are organised and it makes you able to go do more fun things rather than waste time setting up tents, or waiting at the bar for a drink, or waiting in queues for food.

We shop for your festival so you do not have to.

We save you time.

We save you money.

We give you convenience

We give you freedom

We give you more festival

Before FestEasy and the FestEasy

Step 1: Decide which festival you will attend

Step 2: Buy festival ticket 

With FestEasy but Before the Festival

Step 3: Consider all things needed for the festival you are attending, based on:

  • How many days in attendance?
  • How many people you are going with?
  • Are there bodies of water to swim or float?
  • How many meals will you eat a day?
  • How much alcohol do you personally drink when you party?

Step 4: Go to www.festeasy.co.za

Step 5: Add all the items to your FestEasy shopping cart from your considerations.

Step 6: Checkout and chill until your festival

With Festeasy and Just before you leave to the Festival

Step 7: FestEasy will deliver your customised package before you leave to the

After FestEasy and Arriving to the Festival

Step 8: Enjoy your festival without the hassle of organising it

Who Are We?

It ain’t easy being cheesy. But going to festivals should be dreamy. Festivals are awesome, we make them awesomer. Tomorrow means more. More experience, more fun, more dynamic and more about you.
Once you cross the entrance into a festival, life becomes free. Free of worries, free of obligations. Why should it only start when you enter the festival? Express yourself all day, every day. Life should be exciting, interesting, unique, less admin. Engage with your expression and embrace the spectacle of living. Festivals are not just an activity, they’re a lifestyle, shared with your friends, your significant other, your community. We want to engage with everyone and be involved in the entirety of the festival experience. Breed a sense of community. We are all drawn towards the common purpose of encouraging expression. Let’s integrate, go against the common, monotonous ways of being, of everyday life. Let’s be new and fresh together and have a great time, all the time. Get cheesy, feel dreamy and be part of FestEasy.

Aiming Higher...

Our sole purpose is to:
Encourage expression by making festivals awesomer.

We Value What is Best!

Customer Centric

We care about our customers. We want them to have an unforgettable experience at each and every festival they attend. Customers are best, we love you customers. You are the roots to which expression is encouraged.


Nothing deserves to be a mission and we strive to make things as easy as possible. We keep it simple, we keep it cool, we keep it sharp.

Experience orientated

A music festival is an experience. Everything we say, do and feel is an experience. We set out to make that experience as awesome as possible. Experience the experience, nothing else.


If it doesn’t put a smiles on faces, it is not worth doing. That’s why we don’t see geese as a flock of birds. Work fast, play hard and pour that energy into everything you do. We are fun, playful, easy going and we don’t take life too seriously.


The world keeps spinning and so do we, that’s why tomorrow is always on our mind. We can chop and change, slice and dice, shake and bake. All in the pursuit of making an awesomer festival for everyone. No ask is too much, no task too great.